Are you tired of writing long status emails? Automate your Status reports using
git commit messages.
Focus on creating!

Spend less time on status calls or crafting long emails and spend more time doing what you do best… developing software or taking that well deserved nap.

We give your clients peace of mind by giving them insight into your process.

How does it work?

1. Create a project

We track each repository in it’s own project. You don’t want to send the wrong report to the wrong person 😅.

2. Copy code into repository

Each project generates a piece of code you put into your repository. This allows us to turn your commit messages into something other people care about.

3. Commit stuff

Go about your merry way and dance code like nobody is watching, but write your commit messages like the person who ends up reading it is a psychopath and knows where you live.

4. Status Reports sent ✉️

We send out emails with a status report inside to the email addresses you specify in your project. This is what it looks like!
It is FREE!! ... for now.

Our hearts have been broken a few times so we don’t like to play games.

ShipScoop will eventually cost money… but not much. Less than $50/year. We are building tools to make your life easier, not dig into your kids college fund or cut into your Safari trip to Kenya.

We want you to experience how amazing it feels to never type a status report again… we want you to experience freedom.


Can you see my code?

No! We cannot. The code you add to your repository only takes the name of the person who committed the code, the commit message and a timestamp. We cannot see anything else. Besides, it will take too much time for us to go through all your code to see if it was even worth stealing it. We prefer your loyalty as a paying customer instead.

How often can I send status emails to clients?

You can send status emails every weekday. A unique report for each project every business day, excluding the weekend. If you also need the weekends, we reccomend you revise the way you live your life. If you have revised it and still need more, contact us… we won’t say no to your money.

What if I do not have any updates during a week

Nothing will go out… Silence! This can be therapeutic for you and your client. A little distance from time to time makes the heart grow fonder.