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Skyward Progress Report
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13 Total Updates

20 Files Changed

347 Lines Updated

Update Details
Automated price-cream scoops
Wrote 🔥 code that allows the robot to serve three scoops of ice-cream every morning before breakfast
Fixed the Skynet bug
Refactored the code to remove the ability for robots to see humanity as the enemy. If the third law of Robotics is ever broken for any reason, the code requires the robots to serve us ice-cream if they get angry at us.

Simple setup. Sweet.

/* Run command in project root */
curl -sSL | bash
/* Confirm our privacy claims */
less .git/hooks/send-to-shipscoop.rb

ShipScoop uses your commit messages to generate branded progress reports. Email them to your clients automatically, or congratulate yourself on a job well done.
ShipScoop cannot access your code or commit diffs. Commit messages and line counts are used to generate reports.

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Can you see my code?

No. We know how sensitive code is to organizations. We have built ShipScoop intentionally with privacy in mind. Our post-commit hook records the name of the committer, the commit message and the ± line count. We do not – and cannot – see anything else.

Does every developer need a ShipScoop account?

No. Developers can setup Shipscoop by running a simple command to track their progress across all of their development branches. No accounts necessary. They can disable tracking by removing the send-to-shipscoop call from their post-commit hook.

Can I brand my reports?

You can and should. Custom branding is included in every ShipScoop plan, including our free tier. Our job is to make you look good. That includes making it look like you are doing the heavy lifting.

How often can I send reports to clients?

You can send progress emails up to every weekday. A unique report for each project every business day, excluding the weekend. Why not weekends? We hate receiving work emails on weekends and most others do, too. If you agree in principle but still need weekend reports contact us; we won’t say no to your money.

What if I do not have any updates at report time?

Nothing will go out… Silence! This can be therapeutic for you and your clients. A little distance from time to time makes the heart grow fonder.

Why did you make this?

We needed it. One night working late for a client, that same client reached out concerned about a perceived lack of progress. Annoyed, we dreamed of a better world: where code was self-reporting and stakeholders were always informed. Here we are.

I hate ice cream.

We're sorry. We hope things get better for you.

Who can I blame for this?

ShipScoop is built with by people who hate sending progress reports. We are the team at Skyward.

If you have any other questions or comments, please reach out to us.

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